Market Grade is a resource of visual designers,1 strategists,2 architects,3 social group thinkers,4 writers 5 and artists.6

1. We believe in simple, clean design. Together, we give you the visual tools you need to connect with and excite your customers, launch authentic branding campaigns, and produce exponential returns over the long term.
2. As a collective ‘think tank’ we walk with you through every step of the process, from start to finish, to understand your vision and to formulate objectives based on your needs. We are committed to helping you find your visual voice — designing and helping you build your new space, creating or evolving your brand, and marketing that brand to your community.
3. We believe that great design is embedded within a city’s urban DNA, creating that distinctive character that makes a city vibrant and dynamic. To build this, we work with our clients to create spaces that encourage reconnection of the interior with the exterior, increase functional efficiency, and support environmental sustainability.
4. One of the foundation blocks of our collective revolves around the concept of social responsibility, of giving back to our community. By fostering and enhancing partnerships with those around us, we hope to contribute to our community and make it a more vibrant place in which to live, work, and do business.
5. Words are everywhere. They help shape our thoughts into concrete ideas that people can relate to. Our writers work with you to discover your voice and help you find your story — one that tells your customers, your employees, and your stakeholders exactly who you are and what you have to offer.
6. From illustration and photography to graphic design and architecture, our resource of artists work together to inspire a visual language that speaks for you and your company.

Through the integration of our diverse experience, we are committed to helping individuals and companies represent themselves to the public they are directly involved with. In the end our goal is simple: together we hope to help you discover what’s important to you, and to bring your voice to the community.


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We believe we’re on the face of the Earth to make exceptional design   “design before dishonour.”
We believe in supporting markets that will allow us to make a significant contribution; focusing on the projects that are truly important and meaningful to us.
We believe in collaboration and cross-pollination within our collective — bringing together architecture, photography, marketing, design, branding and the written word — to create and to innovate.
We believe in simple, clean design.
We believe in partnering with and supported the many other talented people within our community, ensuring that the product we hand over is one that truly represents us, our clients, and the populations we serve.
We believe in settling for nothing less than excellence in everything we do; we have the honesty to admit when we’re wrong, and the courage to make it right.



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Strategy & Positioning
Corporate Identity
Brand Evolution
Brand Standards
Web Design & Development
Print Materials Design
Outdoor Signage/New Media

Strategic Communications Planning
Media Relations/Analysis
Event Management
Organizational Knowledge Management
Content Strategy
Copy Editing

Sustainable & Green Design
Interior, & Landscape Design
Branded Environments & Workplaces
Master Planning, Urban Design & Strategy
Furniture & Industrial Design
Adaptation, Restoration Installations & Exhibit Design

Strategic Business Planning
Marketing Planning & Execution
Competitive Analysis
Online Marketing
Media Buying

Fine Art Installations Business/Residential
Commercial Work
Fashion & Portrait
Event Photography
Design of Custom Photography-Based Books
Annual Reports
Photo Essay Work
Travel Photography





Kris is an ideas generator capable of turning dreams into reality and truly a social entrepreneur. He continues to undertake diverse roles and responsibilities that bring his skills and experience to serve Calgary’s many communities — a testament to the value that he places on civic participation and social enterprise.

Currently, Kris teaches Entrepreneurial Thinking, Business Management, Strategic Planning and Economics for Business at the University of Calgary and Business Communications at Mount Royal University and taught Entrepreneurship and Marketing in the past.  Also Kris served as the first-ever Entrepreneur in Residence at W21C at the O’Brien Institute of Public Health, Cumming School of Medicine, University of Calgary.  He continues to work with students and start-up ventures to help grow their businesses and diversify the Alberta economy.



We have lot to thank for Paul McGrath’s amazing attitude and skill set. Paul’s time behind the lens has taken him on a number of international locations, with a long list of clients, including: Alberta Ballet, Birks, Blue Valley Ranch, Mode Models, Shoppers Drug Mart, Connacher Oil & Gas Ltd, Troy Built Homes, University of Calgary’s Faculty of Medicine, and Yellow Rain Coat, to name a few.

Paul’s professional accomplishments and commitment to volunteerism brings a vast array of artistic, photojournalistic, and project management experience to the Market Grade team. His intrinsic ability to make people feel comfortable in any situation — especially in front of the camera — allows him to excel at finding the unique in the routine.



Born in Malta with roots that span Europe and North America, Paul Stady is a unique blend of builder/designer/artist, with the innate ability to blend all three combinations effortlessly. He has studied at Queen’s University, Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, and the University of Calgary — obtaining degrees in philosophy, fine art, and architecture.

At Market Grade, Paul’s synergistic approach to problem solving and design helps our clients to transform their own ideas into functional, unique, and personal space.




A transplant from Saskatchewan, we have Dean’s rural roots to thank for his integrity and strong work ethic. Dean is a graduate of the Medicine Hat College Visual Communications program, and founded 17oz. Design in 2000, which later grew into Combine Design & Communications.

Dean brings over 15 years of branding, design / print production, and project management experience to the Market Grade team. He has developed creative solutions for companies that include the Faculties of Medicine, Humanities, and Veterinary Medicine (University of Calgary), Alberta College of Art and Design (ACAD), Calgary Arts Development Authority, Henry, the Saskatchewan Wheat Pool, and Reach!



With a background in psychology and computer science, Sonny’s primary interests are in bridging the gaps that can exist between great ideas and great design, and unifying them into tangible models that ultimately lead to an awesome user experience.

Born in Calgary, he spent time in San Francisco and worked with both startups and existing tech companies developing user interfaces that led to great interactive experiences. Sonny’s work with Market Grade focuses on creative innovation that maintains a keen grasp on the current attitudes and emotions clients experience when engaging with a brand. He believes that success comes from translating those mindsets into products, systems or services that may be new and unique, but are easy to use because they are inline with existing behaviours.



A rare breed, Tyler is an identical mirror twin, which means that the most unique thing about him is that he is visibly a copy of someone else, but internally a left-handed opposite. This identity has propelled his life-long exploration into concepts of nature vs. nurture, symmetry and beauty, and clone sagas.

Tyler is a business development professional who excels in fostering meaningful one-to-one relationships in today’s connection economy by helping clients understand the heart of their brand, and providing tools to engage and interact with their audiences. Tyler believes without question that challenges are opportunities, healthy conflict produces powerful results, and that collaboration is the most important ingredient of creativity. As a born-and-raised Calgarian with strong roots in the community, Tyler is a passionate advocate of the entrepreneurial ecosystem and an influencer of various post-secondary initiatives in our city.


Josh Fafard


Josh believes that apps and websites should be designed to accomplish particular goals, whether that goal is to increase revenue, save time, or simply to have some fun. Starting with that in mind, the entire app system should be built to accomplish these goals from the user experience right through to the data stores.

For over 14 years, Josh has been building scalable web and mobile apps. He has developed complete solutions for many companies in the communications, energy, and sports industries. Most notably Josh spent over 7 years at Shaw Communications in roles including Software Architect, Manager of Mobile Application Development, Manager of Core Applications, and Team Lead of Web Applications & Online Experience to name a few. His development experience includes the creation of Production Manager, and Offcourse.



For Sachin, design is life! Coming from a strong lineage of designers and builders, Sachin took an interest in furniture design from the age of ten working in his Father’s woodworking shop. Inspired by his roots and culture from India, Sachin studied the world of ancient architecture with a specialization in Vaastu, the equivalent of Feng Shui from India. Sachin brings together the sacred healing architecture of Vaastu with modern contemporary design thinking and practice.

Sachin designs and builds objects and furniture with his hands, heart, and spirit in both commercial and residential environments including custom work for Holt Renfrew (Manolo Blahnik, Chanel, Christian Dior, etc.), Fashion Central, and One Yellow Rabbit.


ASHLEY VOISIN, Entrepreneur in Residence

Ashley Voisin and is the Chief Creative Officer for Robots Are Fun. She started working with Robots Are Fun when she was 10 years old. Ashley has been in three Make Fashion shows and has designed three technology integrated garments over the last three years, she has also been a part of four Mini Maker Faires in Calgary Alberta, two in Red Deer Alberta and will continue to be apart of all the fun. Ashley also enjoys playing guitar, soccer, and martial arts. She was in the 2015 and 2016 Calgary Youth Science Fair and is passionate about encouraging young children to achieve their dreams in the areas of math and science.



LAUREN VOISIN, Entrepreneur in Residence

Lauren Voisin started Robots Are Fun when she was 8. She regularly exhibits her projects at the Calgary Mini Maker Faire and Make Fashion. Lauren has been a part of a kids Maker Panel and was a speaker at the San Francisco Maker Faire. She participated in a Google Edu Start Up weekend in the fall of 2013 and won the crowd favorite award. She has been featured in Owl Magazine and currently sits on the Board at the Werklund Youth Leadership Advisory Center at the University of Calgary. Lauren’s passion remains to encourage other kids to try robotics and see what they can create.