Bundles of Hope at Boostr Stage

Bundles of Hope, founded by Miranda Mantey, Willis Tat, and Justin Wood, took to the stage on Wednesday, December 2nd, 2015, pitching in ATB Financial’s Alberta BoostR YYC Pitch Competition. Miranda Mantey, representing Bundles of Hope, pitched alongside 5 other Calgarian entrepreneurs in front of a crowd of over 400 for the opportunity to win a total of $9,000 in start-up capital. $1,000 decided by judge’s choice and $8,000 distributed by audience voting. The judging panel included Wellington Holbrook, Executive Vice President of Business & Agriculture at ATB Financial, Suzanne West, CEO of Imaginea Energy, Leor Rotchild, Consultant, and Jill Andres, Principal of Creating Value Inc.
This specific event was tailored around social entrepreneurship and how people can have a positive social good while still running a business. The atmosphere was thick and electric with the passion for social entrepreneurship. Miranda touched on many aspects of the trio’s business model during her presentation, but mainly focused on their drive for social change. The captivating pitch went off without a hitch. Miranda demonstrated how Bundles of Hope would be a successful economic and social business.
“The BoostR stage was a fantastic opportunity for Bundles of Hope,” said Miranda, “We had the chance to interact with judges, attendees, and fellow entrepreneurs where we received exceptional advice regarding our business, which will only help propel our business to become stronger.”
Bundles of Hope’s participation on the BoostR stage was made possible through those who supported their crowdfunding campaign. Bundles of Hope gives their sincerest thanks and gratitude to Houston and Rosalynn Peschl, Neetu Sidhu, Kris Hans, the entire Market Grade team, Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship, ATB Financial, and everyone who boosted their business.
Bundles of Hope received a total of $1020 from the audience.


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