Calgary Herald «December 3, 2015»

Where do you look when recruiting top talent for your business?

By Kim Smith via Capital Ideas in The Herald

Entrepreneurs share insights on how they find the best staff in their companies. Originally published in the Calgary Herald FP section on Thursday, December 3, 2015. Reproduced with permission. See more at: http://capitalideascalgary.com/in-the-herald/where-do-you-look-when-recruiting-top-talent-for-your-business-2/


The following response from MG Co-Founder, Kris Hans, was featured as part of Capital Ideas question for the week:


“Our biggest HR challenge is finding talented, creative people that can integrate into our team’s culture. Attracting the new generation takes more than ping-pong tables, beanbag chairs, etc. It requires a deep shift in organizational culture and to gain commitment early, we’ve invested in implementing a robust internship program.”

Kris Hans, strategist at Market Grade, marketgrade.com

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