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What are your business goals for 2016?

By Capital Ideas via Capital Ideas in The Herald
Calgary entrepreneurs share what they will strive for in the new year. Originally published in the Calgary Herald FP section on Thursday, February 25, 2016. Reproduced with permission. See more at:

“Choklat is the only chocolate maker in Alberta. A mature business with an impeccable reputation for producing some of the best chocolate in the world. Local demand has outstripped what the company can produce, in 2016 we have moved into a larger facility with larger processing equipment. Our goals include completing the financial raise that allows the factory to be built around the equipment, and inventory to be purchased to ramp up production. In 2016 we will be able to ship our truffles and chocolate bars across North America, including same day delivery in Calgary. We will expand our courses and add truffle making, larger events and kids events. We’ll expand our manufacturing capabilities to supply other retailers and manufacture ‘make at home’ chocolate. 2016 is a year of significant growth, and I thank Calgarians for your support in Choklat, and bean to bar chocolate.”
— Brad Churchill, CEO at Choklat
“My no. 1 goal carrying over from 2015 was how to scale my business. Learning from a marketing friend of mine, I have decided to narrow my niche, and expand my offerings to appeal to more business owners. My focus will be on process improvement through focused software solutions and to offer tailored bookkeeping services using that software. I will continue to offer Part-Time CFO services to my clients, which will always be my first love. I feel it fits tightly with the new offerings.”
— Brad Celmainis, president at Brad Celmainis Consulting
Think Productive is growing globally, so my goal in Canada is to build brand awareness through social media, content marketing and speaking engagements across the country, along with sales of our How to be a Productivity Ninja book in all major bookstores. We have lots of happy customers and feel confident in our services – delivery of Productivity training to reduce stress and save time – but we need more customers to continue growing!
— Dawn O’Connor, productivity ninja at Think Productive Canada
“My business goal this year is add products to our primarily service-based company. We teach and train in education and languages, and now we want to add some products to our line-up. We’re lined up to add at least 4 brand new books to launch in the summer. Speaking of launching, that’s the other big goal we have. Learn how to launch and implement. Prior to reading $100 Start Up, whenever I had a new idea to start I just threw it out there for everyone to start. Now I’m learning the art of building some momentum as well as how to get a following before I launch my new ideas. Here’s to 2016 being the best year so far!”
— Sara Dasko, CEO of Free Mind
“Finding ways to constantly stimulate my sense of creativity is my goal for 2016. Having this goal in mind, positive and great new ideas will be born. I will take these new ideas and put them into action which will create change in myself and the business. These changes will contribute to the growth and profitability for the business. I’m excited and look forward to what lays ahead in 2016!”
— Laura Pierce, president at LP Human Resources Inc.
“My goal this year is focus: on my existing clients, on enlarging my ideal client engagement and growing my business. I am adding new products to the mix and working with new partners. Very exciting!”
— Ave Peetri, director of Confident Marketing Coach
“We’ve been receiving growth every month, however, we are noticing the average past due on our receivables from our clients increasing. This is no doubt due to the downturn in the economy of our Province. Our goal for 2016 is simple, to help our clients survive and thrive with a robust social media marketing program.”
— Shawn Alain, president of Viral In Nature
“Break the paradigms that kept me from moving ahead. Those barriers, now I understand, were more related to my own person rather than the market’s or the other people.”
— Jay Santos, business development & sales at Bioarchitecture
“My business goals for this year are for attainable growth! In the past we have been very excited for the growth of Wean Green but it has taken its toll and unfortunately we let it grow too quickly and felt plenty of growing pains. This year we are only allowing growth that our systems can handle so that we don’t find ourselves in those same situations that we have in past years. Cheers to a fabulous 2016!”
— Melissa Gunning, CEO at Wean Green
“To restore double-digit growth to the company after a couple of relatively stagnant years by growing local clientele in addition to my remote clients. I’ve networked virtually with great success for years. In 2015, I was encouraged to initiate rounds of local, face to face networking that have already paid dividends in increased energy, a feeling of some control over my business’ destiny, and importantly, tangible business opportunities with new clients.”
— Paul Boucher, bilingual voice actor/president, Right Voice Communications Inc.
“Three things: This year our firm aims first at focused action for massive growth. This is about how can we focus our limited time and effort on the opportunities that will give us the largest possible returns among a set of priorities: revenues this year, connections to those with big urgent opportunities, and direct exposure to massively influential leaders. This is balanced with a specific priority to bring on processes and tools that will reduce our cost to deliver, allow us to delegate work more efficiently, while increasing our speed and range of tangible insights we can provide to clients. Third, we will enhance our marketing and presence online, as our capacity allows.”
— Len Nanjad, partner, COREinternational
To support my clients achieve their business objectives. To support the growth of crowdfunding and give businesses access to capital and more people access to rewards or returns. To help businesses balance people, planet, profit. To do interesting, rewarding work that makes a difference, and pays the bills.
— Victoria Bennett, principal at Bennett Milner Williams Consulting Ltd.
“My goals for 2016 are mostly financial based goals. To examine and cut expenses, pay off debts, grow reserves and get a great financial base to weather whatever 2016 to 2020 has in store. Now is a time to build security and endurance in my business as well as take advantage of any and all prosperity that comes my way this year.”
— Amy Witham-Strand, realtor & real estate investor
“The goal for our company is to make it better. However, that is a pretty broad statement. Each year my co-owner wife and I take one or two days to review the past year and identify what we did right and what we didn’t do so well. We analyze the information and then develop goals that will help us grow as we plan forward. What we have found works best is to break down our big goals into measurable action items. We take time every quarter to review our goals and make required adjustments.”
— Robyn Braley, president at Unimark Creative
“To earn enough money to pay me a decent wage.”
— Christine Reimer, founder of Bridge The Gap Accounting Services Ltd.
“My partner, Marjorie Munroe and myself are seeking to be more focused in approaching perspective clients to learn more about their existing conflict management systems and how we can support them with their 2016 people goals. We are striving to support more organizations to bring fairness and equity to employees in difficult situations throughout the year. We have completed our new website and are moving to engage customers in authentic conversations where we can create a safe space for them to be open and honest.”
— Michelle Phaneuf, Alberta co-director at Workplace Fairness

“We’re officially launching our “Design Axis” initiative in 2016. We’ve been working with students from ACAD, SAIT, MRU and University of Calgary to work under our creative direction so you can get high quality work but at cost-effective rates for startups, small businesses and nonprofit organizations. Design Axis will provide great design at a reasonable cost backed by Market Grade’s guarantee and support talented design students at the same time. Even though we haven’t formally launched the new division, we’ve already completed 14 projects and 3 are in progress.”
— Kris Hans, strategist at Market Grade Ltd.

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