Calgary Herald «March 17, 2016»

How do you engage staff and clients to find new business ideas?

By Kelly Zenkewich via Capital Ideas in The Herald

Calgary entrepreneurs discuss how innovation plays a role in their companies. Originally published in the Calgary Herald FP section on Thursday, March 17, 2016. Reproduced with permission. See more at: http://capitalideascalgary.com/in-the-herald/engage-staff-clients-find-new-business-ideas/


The following response from MG Co-Founder, Kris Hans, was featured as part of Capital Ideas question for the week:


“We regularly hold “jam sessions” where we all come together as a collective think-tank. Jamming is the art of improvisational strategic thinking. A cross between brainstorming and strategic planning, jamming encourages a free flow of ideas by challenging each another’s imagination, building upon each other’s ideas to produce an entirely new set of strategies to help deliver on vision, much the same way jazz musicians might build on each others’ riffs.”

Kris Hans, strategist at Market Grade

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