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How do you give your work meaningful purpose?

By Capital Ideas via Capital Ideas in The Journal
We asked Capital Ideas members to share how they find meaningful purpose in their work. Here’s what members of our community of business owners helping business owners had to say:
“Fitness is my passion. I never wake up and feel like I have to go to work because everyday is fulfilling. As a personal trainer my job provides me purpose because I am able to help people find the best versions of themselves. There are no words to describe the satisfaction in knowing a client is doing things they never thought possible. And there is no better feeling than knowing you helped them get there!”
— Stacey Hogbin, owner of Wevive Fitness
“One of the most powerful actions I do, that gives my work meaning, is choosing to volunteer and inspire others to act philanthropically. As a business coach I assist companies of all genres to create meaningful goals. Often, that includes giving back to the community. When I see owners and their teams work together for a bigger cause I feel I have truly made an exponential difference, and making a difference is what gives my work meaning.”
— Leanne Brownoff, business coach at Leanne Brownoff Consulting
“As a land developer, creating a place that people will eventually call home is an incredible privilege and responsibility. Helping people walk through this sometimes daunting process until they have keys in hand and (the property) is theirs is what gives what I do meaningful purpose.”
— Karrie Daly, vice-president of Ebenezer Dev. Ltd.
“You have to be passionate about what you do. If you let your passion flow through to your business relationships and connections it will add a personal touch and become meaningful.”
— Nadine Litwin, Advisor & Solutions Manager Integrity Plus Financial Inc.
“When you have powerful internal drivers behind your ‘big-picture’ goals, you can find meaning in even the most mundane daily tasks. Daily goal setting for both personal and business is a must to remain focused.”
— Morgan Douziech, director of SET Safety
“First, love what you do. If you don’t, make whatever change necessary to find that. Second, integrate giving back in everything you do in your business: take care of your clients, mentor others and above all be kind. Third, find a cause and make it a part of your business. Fourth, love and take care of yourself so you have something to give others. Life is short, make it count.”
— Shant Chakmakian, president of SC Systems
“I believe that my clients give me purpose. They are putting their livelihood in my hands and that’s a lot of pressure! I want to see my clients’ business grow as a result of my efforts to increase their online visibility.”
— Ameet Khabra, online marketing specialist, ameetkhabra.marketing
“My success lies in my purpose and my purpose lies in wanting to help others achieve their success in business. My job is to document and display what a company is and what it offers. If my clients’ succeed in their endeavors through the help of my photos, then I succeed. I never lose sight of my work’s purpose.”
— Crystal Puim, owner and lead photographer at Crystal Puim Photography
“When your work means you’re doing something you enjoy and are really passionate about, it then becomes your hobby, your purpose and you want to do it. Do something you really enjoy and are extremely passionate about, find a common goal and purpose and this will result in fulfillment. If you don’t have a choice in where you work or are able to do the things you love to do, then find a non-profit or group that shares your goals and help them out.”
— Ashif Mawji, president of Trust Science
“Knowing that we are helping people everyday by making a difference in their lives provides not only myself but all of our employees with meaningful purpose and fulfillment.”
— Shelly Barless, president and CEO of Dust Queen Maid Service
“I made a decision that I am only going to work for businesses and projects that are supporting the community and the planet’s ecosystems.”
— Lourdes Zalcik, Zalcik Translations
“About a year after I started my business, I arranged to do a newborn photoshoot on Boxing Day. I did the pictures and they were lovely. Two days later, I got a phone call telling me the new father had died. It was shocking and tragic, and it made me realise just how valuable photographs are. The family are still my clients and I feel honoured that they continue to trust me with their memories.”
— Rebecca Lippiatt, owner of Dragonfly Photography
“Almost all work has a higher purpose, but we lose touch with that as we get wrapped up in the day-to-day. It’s powerful to step back and ask, ‘why is this important? What need are we filling? What would happen if no one did this work?’ and reconnect with the higher reason for what we do.”
— Nadine Riopel, engagement expert at Nadine Riopel Professional Services
“What gives my work meaningful purpose is the people I have the privilege of working with, our clientele. I cannot put into words the satisfaction I feel when I know that the work we’ve done has relieved their stress and has literally given them better quality of life. I’ve heard many times from a variety of clients that they leave our office in a much happier frame of mind than when they arrived.”
— Debbie Engel, CA, owner of Debbie L. Engel Professional Corporation
“There are two great days in everyone’s life — the day they were born and the day they figure out ‘why.’ Marching to a mission is a discipline that merges your purpose, vision, roles and goals all based on clear values and principles. Establishing a mission gives meaning and significance to our businesses and our lives. If someone has a sense of purpose they can endure all the problems faced in achieving their goals. Focus produces velocity!”
— Colleen Madsen, president of Colleen Madsen Strategies Inc.
“I look at every day as an opportunity to serve the people who trust me to look after their best interests. I find meaning in giving people hope, perspective and sometimes tough love so they can accomplish their goals and live richly.”
— Kelley Doerksen, financial planner at Blackburn Davis Financial

“One of our foundation blocks revolves around the concept of social responsibility, of giving back to our community. By fostering and enhancing partnerships with those around us, we hope to help make our community better, stronger and a more vibrant place in which to live, work and do business.”
— Kris Hans, strategist at Market Grade Ltd.

The above answers are in response to a question posed by Mick Lolekonda, founder of Real Life Mechanics. Here’s his philosophy:
“I’m able to give work meaningful purpose when adopting the attitude of being of service to someone else. Acknowledging the human component in my work so its outcome doesn’t simply benefit me, but another human-being as well, is at the heart of being able to add meaningful purpose to my work. When knowing that through my work I’m able to positively impact someone’s well-being, growth and ability to realize their life’s aspirations, while using my core strengths, the work itself becomes purposeful and meaningful in nature.”
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