Adam Onulov, Market Grade Architect, featured in The Neat Blog
Is your attire still considered ‘athleisure’ if you can effortlessly hop a fence, crash a party and be the best dressed person in the room?

Welcome to the future, where your pants can be tight AF and you don’t necessarily have to worry about them splitting whilst randomly parkour-ing to a morning meeting. Where you can commute to the office in a suit with just the right mobility, flexibility, ventilation AND water resistance!? Where there are things like four-way-stretch (I don’t even know what one-way-stretch is)!

We’re going to be that if you’re reading this, you’re a pretty fashion-conscious person – or maybe not. In any case, we’re here to help you embrace your inner athlete without compromising comfort or style.

  1. Keep it unstructured. Stay away from superfluous liners, pads or anything that would get in the way of casually stopping, dropping and giving me ten push-ups.
  2. Performance matters. Split trousers and sweaty suits are not fun (or sexy). You’ll find yourself disappointed and probably pretty embarrassed if you overlook this very crucial guideline – the fabric HAS to handle moisture and movement.
  3. Pay attention to details. Things like zippered pockets or concealed reflective elements are important. However, they should be subtle and elegant (see photos).
  4. Have fun! As far as the ‘traditional’ perspectives / rule go, you’re taking a risk (but who really gives a shit), so embrace it! Have fun and be confident.

Kit and Ace Navigator Stretch Jogger 2.0 in navy, Kit and Ace Navigator Stretch Blazer in navy, Anti-Social Social Club white logo tee, Common Projects original Achilles leather sneakers

Now seriously, get down and give me ten.

Photos by Kayla Browne





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