RBC Fast Pitch Competition

What is the RBC Fast Pitch Competition?

The RBC Fast Pitch Competition represents the culmination of the newly launched, first-of-its-kind, required Bachelor of Commerce course in Entrepreneurial Thinking (ENTI 317) at the Haskayne School of Business. This experiential course motivates students to develop an entrepreneurial mindset by brainstorming possibilities, solving problems, and ultimately creating their own new venture concept aimed at capturing a market opportunity. The top 12 teams from the year will pitch in the RBC Fast Pitch Competition to compete for more than $100,000 in cash and in-kind prizes.

Who are the judges?

Who are the finalists?

The 12 RBC Fast PItch competition finalists, in alphabetical order:

  1. Build-A-Bar
  2. Campus Catering Company
  3. Eco-LOGic
  4. EcoSpire Plastics
  5. Happy Hands
  6. Lazer Lots
  7. Little Feets
  8. One World Blankets
  9. Peeach
  10. Revitalize Scrubs
  11. Safety Dynamics
  12. Securelet

What are the prizes?

Competition prizes have been made available through the generous support of RBC, PwC, and Market Grade.

First Place Prize

  • $10,000 cash
  • $20,000 in-kind services (Market Grade)
  • $20,000 in-kind services (PwC)
  • $40,000 seed funding

Second Place Prize

  • $5,000 cash
  • $10,000 in-kind services (Market Grade)
  • $10,000 in-kind services (PwC)

Third Place Prize

  • $2,500 cash
  • $10,000 in-kind services (Market Grade)
  • $10,000 in-kind services (PwC)

What is the Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation?

The Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the Haskayne School of Business is focused on shaping a new generation of entrepreneurial thinkers. Entrepreneurial thinking is a way of approaching decision-making and problem-solving through an entrepreneurial lens. It involves creative, progressive thinking and an interest in continuous improvement – recognizing opportunities and knowing how to capitalize on them in real time. The centre promotes an inclusive, action-based and practical methodology for applying entrepreneurial thinking across all organizations, large and small. Research in the areas of entrepreneurship and innovation provide the impetus for curriculum development and new program ideas. Both undergraduate and graduate students benefit from action-based learning in all aspects of entrepreneurial thinking and action, and have the opportunity to test their skills in class and in partnership with industry.
The Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation was created in February 2013 thanks to a $5 million lead donation from Doug and Diane Hunter and nearly $3 million in additional support from Calgary entrepreneurs Wayne Henuset, David Robson, Charlie Locke and Keith Brown.

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