Calgary 2012

The Calgary 2012 identity and applications were developed in part for the Cultural Capital of Canada bid and in October 2011 Calgary was designated as the Cultural Capital of Canada.

2012 marks a pivotal year in Calgary’s cultural history including the centennial anniversaries of some of the city’s cultural cornerstones: Calgary Stampede, City of Calgary Recreation, Calgary Public Library and Theatre Junction Grand and Pumphouse Theatres.

The Calgary 2012 Cultural Capital of Canada bid was a joint initiative co-chaired by Calgary Arts Development Authority and the Calgary Stampede in partnership with City of Calgary Recreation, the Calgary Public Library, Tourism Calgary and Calgary Economic Development.

The Calgary 2012 bid was championed and developed by steering committees, along with a 100-member Advisory Panel. There was a wide-ranging community engagement process whereby over 5000 Calgarians were invited to suggest project ideas that formed the basis for the 2012 celebration of culture.

Client: Calgary 2012 Project Team: Dean Bartsch Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada